Sharipov MMA Academy is a newly established Martial Arts Academy based in the center of Kissimmee. It is established on its own professional experience, completing in the best MMA boxing and kickboxing promotions, also BJJ, Sambo and Wrestling tournaments.

We have all the tools you will need to guide you in your fighting career. We will teach you how to defend yourself and your family members, how to watch your diet and stay in shape. We have the best coaches that will assist you to build skills and discipline your body. We teach you to understand your body and the nutrition that your body needs for top performances

We have the best programs for your kids to defend themselves, build their confidence and teach them a discipline. Our BJJ program helps our members to understand the sport and to start to compete and win tournaments in a very short time. Sharipov MMA Academy’s wrestling program will teach you and your kids the takedowns and the defence from the takedowns, it will assist you to know how to use wrestling in MMA.

Our goal is to build the strongest Martial Arts Academy and we are nearing our goal through hard and consistent training. We use innovative training methods which assists our members to achieve results very fast. We use a personal approach for each member, with patience and strategy.

Shapripov MMA Academy is affiliated with the best promotions on both local and international levels, and is associated with the biggest national based nutrition company Visalus Products.

So, don’t waste any more time looking for a martial arts school, come visit us and try our classes!

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